The most commonly used fertilizer formulation is called NPK. The "N" stands for nitrogen. The "P" and "K" are for phosph

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The most commonly used fertilizer formulation is called NPK. The "N" stands for nitrogen. The "P" and "K" are for phosph

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You've probably heard about the farmer uprisings that are spreading throughout Europe. Obviously the mainstream media is misrepresenting the issue, but most alternative media outlets haven't seemed to realize the full extent of the deception. Farms are being shut down under the pretext of reducing nitrogen emissions. The largest source of these "emissions" is animal manure. To reduce the amount of manure by 30% (which is their target) would require reducing flock sizes by the same amount. This means culling livestock.

To Intentionally reduce food production when the whole world is facing a food crisis would be criminal even if the premise that these "emissions" contribute to climate change was legit. But if the public had a better understanding of agriculture and chemistry they would realize that the entire justification is unscientific and nonsensical.

The most commonly used fertilizer formulation is called NPK. The "N" stands for nitrogen. The "P" and "K" are for phosphate and potassium. Nitrogen facilitates the production of leaves, starches and proteins. When it is deficient crops are stunted. Less nitrogen = less food.

The nitrogen in manure not airborne at all, nor does it impact air quality or temperature. When raw manure is mismanaged it CAN harm aquatic ecosystems, but this is a problem that can be solved with nutrient catchments and composting. Composted animal manure is vastly superior to industrial fertilizers because it contains a wider spectrum of nutrients. Manufacturing industrial fertilizers is also very energy intensive and causes far more pollution. Phosphate mining, for example, is highly destructive, and the final product often contains heavy metals and radioactive elements which concentrate in soil and water. The reason conventional agriculture came to rely on artificial NPK isn't because it was better than manure, but because it was cheaper. The reason it was cheaper is because energy was cheap (look up Haber Bosch method). As energy costs have skyrocketed this is no longer the case. Demand for manure has risen dramatically as a result, but there is not enough on the market to make up for the shortfall in industrial fertilizers. What do you suppose happens if existing flocks are reduced?

For those of you living in countries implementing these insane policies (it's not just Europe) the message that the farmers spelled out with tractors last week ("HELP! No Farmers No Food") should be taken seriously. These farms are your lifeline. They must be defended at all costs. Under no circumstances should their animals be culled. However saving them will require more than protests or online activism.

The fertilizer, fuel, and feed shortages are just getting started and cannot just be called off. The consequences of bad decisions made in the first half of 2022 are driving the current crisis, and the bad decisions being made now set the stage for famine in 2023 and beyond. The only way to prevent this is to for farmers to rapidly transition to agricultural practices that do not rely on fossil fuels, industrial fertilizers, pesticides, or animal feeds. This won't be easy. It involves much more manual labor, the use of work animals (to pull plows and haul materials) and a more intelligent use of drainage and nutrient retention. To pull it off, farmers are going to need your help. If famine isn't your cup of tea, you might consider volunteering on these farms and helping them cut their dependencies. Combine your skills. Build alternative economies. This isn't going to be a lifestyle choice anymore. It is a matter of life or death.
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