Is MAC routers inside humans real?

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Is MAC routers inside humans real?

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The receipt of human MAC Routers inside body created by Hydrogel Graphene antennas.

Will be the base for 6G „inside humans”. And IoT. Ref. NOKIA website

And for the Doctors, who are STILL flat out DENYING, that there is such a thing as a MAC Id assigned to a Human Body, here are the MAC Protocols for PATIENT MONITORING plus the IEEE standards for HUMAN BODY COMMUNICATION

Wireless Body Area Sensor Networks: Survey of #MAC and Routing Protocols for Patient Monitoring under IEEE 802.15.4 and IEEE 802.15.6

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A PERSON I TRUST.. Who has very high technological education, tested this out at a family party (before Christmas 23 in silence) He had arranged the necessary software and equipment, hid around among the guests and could read IP addresses... he called me and told me that, it seemed like we're right, he got a number of unknown IP addresses, but didn't want to disturb guests with this, but took it as a matter of course that they were MRNA vaccinated. He also had some theories, how this would be used in the future, as "them" have ordered the reshuffling of hrz/frequencies, which are suitable for short-distance td. Inside buildings, shopping centers, workplaces... We'll see if it's right.


What about this?
A must see!

Digital ID or Digital Prison ... rison.html


Another warning
Ltake a look at this

Why politican get fake..
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